Teaching & Learning

Mallorca International School offers high quality education guaranteed by a rigorous process of internal and external evaluation, and accreditation. It is a British school with 80% of the curriculum delivered in English exclusively by qualified native English teachers. The remaining 20% of the school day is devoted to Spanish and Catalan language for first-language speakers and foreign language Spanish for second-language speakers. First-language Spanish and Catalan lessons are delivered by correctly accredited and experienced Spanish teachers.


MySchool adapts the curriculum in a creative way adopting a multidisciplinary approach based on a wide range of topics linking all subject areas. Based on successful research projects in countries such as Finland and Singapore, this method has been proven to be the most effective with the most advanced teaching methods applied and the highest levels of achievement reached.  In this way children develop all the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding they need in order to apply to practical real-life situations.  This methodology means that MySchool students often need to work as a team and, as a result, they develop attributes such as tolerance and understanding as well as creativity and innovative thinking.


The number of students per class is limited to 21 enabling students to achieve optimal results in the learning of skills and development of every unique child.  One of the strengths of the school is its creative and caring teachers who work tirelessly to achieve the maximum with the students in their care.  Further to this the school boasts several talented teaching assistants and a multilingual inclusion team who look after students requiring specific support.