School Philosophy

Mallorca International School takes pride in retaining the identity of a forward-thinking, innovative and creative school.  The school has a very clear identity, teaching staff with a like-minded philosophy are searched out to carry out the school’s mission statement which drives every element of what we do:


Student Autonomy

The school’s philosophy is to empower the students and encourage them to take charge of their learning journeys.  Teachers avoid traditional ‘chalk and talk’ teaching styles applying a more ‘enquiry-based’ approach which involves posing questions and encouraging students to investigate and discover answers for themselves.  Research demonstrates that this type of learning is more meaningful and develops a much deeper understanding of concepts. 

Intrinsic Desire to Learn and Develop

Key to success at school and in life is to develop a strong intrinsic desire to do the best one can and persevere through difficulties.  We avoid showering students with the usual extrinsic rewards such as certificates using these only intermittently at the most important moments.  Alternatively our teachers actively encourage, praise and positively reinforce excellent academic work, conduct and general attitude with the aim of spurring students towards developing a strong intrinsic desire to better themselves and achieve all they can. 

Personal Skills and Values

Academic success is of the highest priority and we aim to ensure that all our students leave MySchool with the best possible academic qualifications possible and the necessary credentials to enter the universities of their choice.  Our strategy for achieving this is to develop deep personal skills that equip the to deal with the challenges of school and life.  Our ‘values’ programme develops virtues such as ‘Courage’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Honesty’ but to name a few while our ‘skills’ programme develops abilities such as ‘Leadership’, ‘Teamwork’ and ‘Problem Solving’ which undoubtedly assist students in achieving their goals both in and outside of school.