What is the percentage of nationalities in your school?

The percentage of local Spanish students is around 45%, followed by English with 40% and the remaining 15% are made up of families from all over the world.

Do you offer trial days?

We do offer trial days - please contact our admissions department to arrange a tour of the school and to meet the Headteacher first.

What are the percentage of lessons that are taught in Spanish and Catalan?

80% of lessons are taught in English with the remaining lessons taught in Spanish and Catalan.

Does the Headteacher meet all the families?


Where can I buy the uniform?

The uniform is available to buy from school directly.

What documentation do parents need to provide to the school?

The school requires a copy of your child´s passport and last school report.

What if they don't have enough level of English? Can they still join the school?

Please contact the school directly to arrange an appointment to have your child´s English assessed. We have an excellent after school language program offered on site which can also be an option to help your child's English level both pre-enrolment and once they have joined.

What happens if the child does not know any Spanish?

We have an excellent Spanish team who will be able to support your child to learn Spanish. If they do not know any Spanish they will be placed in the Foreign Language teaching group where the teaching focus is designed to suit their beginner needs. Our after hours Language School offers Spanish classes which can be a helpful boost to your child.