News from our Secondary Coordinator Claire Donaldson

The Secondary students have made an excellent start to the new term. Staff are passionate and glad to be back in front of their classes.  All students have attentively engaged with their learning and they have demonstrated resilience, maturity and a commitment to their studies. I will be sending out a letter to parents next week to explain changes to Secondary and share videos of our new members of staff: Mr Jenvey, Ms Taylor and Ms Cooper.  


Year 7 have been using their form time to explore and discuss some of the many changes involved in joining Secondary School. The students have actively participated in a variety of Secondary starter sessions, including sharing worries and concerns, thinking through strategies to overcome these, and visualising their aims for the year, as well as making individual action plans to try to make sure these happen!


In PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), Year 8 have been exploring their aspirations and what they can do to overcome obstacles they might face along the way to achieving their short term and long term goals. Their aspirations ranged from going to university to travelling around the world. Keep aiming high Year 8. 


Year 9 have been practicing their observation and drawing through producing self- portraits. They have been challenged to draw themselves without looking at the paper and through continuous line drawings.  In English they have written fantastic poems around the theme of belonging.  We look forward to sharing some of these with you next week.


In Geography Year 10 have started their first iGCSE module- Fragile Environments and Climate Change. They have explored the impacts of deforestation and looked at Brazil as their case study. Here are some of the excellent pieces of work they have produced.  Our Business Studies students really impressed us this week by interviewing our first local business owner (virtually).  Their presentation skills and choice of questions was of a very high quality.

News from our Primary Coordinator Anita Mann

I am delighted to have been appointed as the Primary Coordinator. Those parents whose children have been in my classes previously, know that I greatly value open communication and a close partnership with parents. I very much look forward to extending this to all parents with children within Primary. I have worked with most of the pupils in Years 6, 5, 4 and 3 in the past and look forward to getting to know more of the children in Key Stage 1 whilst continuing to teach my amazing Year 4 class.

The primary pupils throughout school have settled into our present routines incredibly well and are always extremely happy and very well motivated to learn whenever I see them. Year 6 have already produced superb time lines and pastel art work about the Blitz. Year 5 have been discussing what they want to find out about Ancient Egypt and have been writing in hieroglyphics. They have also been investigating forces and building their own pulley systems. 

Year 4 initially did work about themselves and produced amazing Cubism portraits in the style of Picasso. For their Pollenca/Mallorca topic they have been comparing the physical and human geography of Palma and Pollenca. The light and shadow topic of Year 3 has included discussing what they know about light and undertaking light experiments. 

Year 2 have been writing fabulous action adventures about the superhero Hercules using amazing adjectives and Year 1 have been creating wonderful collages of the characters of Little Red Riding Hood and labelling the body parts in English, Spanish and Catalan. What a fabulous start all the primary children have made.

News from our EYFS Coordinator Zakia Hoque

This week in Early Years the children have been settling in so well at school and enjoying our Topic – Amazing Me.  In Nursery we have been creating puppets of ourselves using a range of materials, and developing independent skills to create an envelope puppet. Reception have been talking lots about their body parts, skeleton and, at home this week the children were asked to create a “Chatterbox”.  The words “I Can….” have also been a big part of our discussion as we are very often being told what we cannot do, especially in this moment in time. While we cannot do some things due to restrictions, there are plenty we CAN do!  Well done to all our new students for their first few weeks at MySchool. 

Welcome back for the New Academic Year

Dear families,

It has been a pleasure to meet so many of you over the last few weeks, both in person and virtually.  As a school one of our main goals is to communicate with you effectively and one of the methods will be via our weekly newsletter which you will receive each Monday.

In our first newsletter of the year I am delighted to let you know of our new leadership structure here at MySchool.  We now have phase coordinators for Early Years (Zakia Hoque), Primary (Anita Mann) and Secondary (Claire Donaldson).  

Assessment and Reporting:

We are currently reviewing our annual assessment and reporting procedures to ensure these give clear indicators of where your children are, the progress they are making and their targets moving forward.  We want to ensure consistency and clarity with all of these systems.

Parent Meetings:

Due to the current situation these will be conducted virtually with either the class teacher in Primary or the Form Tutor in Secondary.  These meetings will include information provided by specialist subject teachers if there are any specific areas of concern with students.  

EYFS/Primary: Wednesday 21st October, Thursday 22nd October

Secondary: Monday 19th October, Tuesday 20th October

Weekly Assemblies:

As this year sadly we are not able to physically come together for assemblies our aim is to use this time the best way we can.  We have surveyed the students in both Primary and Secondary to see what they would like to learn during assemblies this year in terms of skills, current events and values.  The results ranged from sharing their passions such as beach cleans to Secondary students requesting basic financial management skills!  Assemblies will be conducted virtually so that we can maintain a sense of community this way.

Thank you:

It has been wonderful to have the children back in school and we want to thank you for your efforts in the morning and at the end of the day to be on time.  We have all been hugely impressed with how the children are managing with their return to school in the current conditions.

Ms Millar