It is my pleasure to welcome you to Mallorca International School. Here, you will find a unique, vibrant new school, supported by a highly skilled and dedicated team of teachers and support staff.

I believe the journey through school is a special one, where the children are at the heart of the decisions we make. We ensure they are happy, confident, inspired, and thus strive towards independent learning and academic success.

Our learning environment is colourful and energetic and each lesson boasts creative, hands on and stimulating learning experiences.  Our Curriculum creates a passion for learning and curiosity.  This helps to develop high aspirations, a lifetime of memories and provides each child with relevant opportunities for both now and in the future.

As Primary Coordinator my aim is to ensure that each child can achieve and progress to their full potential, in their academic, creative, personal, physical, moral and spiritual development.  We aim to deliver this through the highest quality of teaching and learning within a happy and safe environment.

Furthermore, it is our firm belief that by setting the highest possible standards in everything we do and ensuring our children become the best they can be, we will install a wide range of opportunities to foster the children’s love of school and learning.

This love of learning is also developed through our embedded MYSCHOOL  core values of, dreaMs and aspirations, empathY and friendship, riSk takers, Creativity, Happy and healthy, contributOrs, teamwOrk and mindfuLness.

With this information, I warmly welcome all to experience the positive energy which makes MySchool a special place for installing happiness and succeeding towards academic excellence.

Zakia Hoque

Primary Coordinator