In a rapidly changing world, we need to educate our children for the future and not the past. That is why Britain’s educational system, which allows schools to tailor their programmes to the needs of their specific pupils, is used by the best international schools all over the world who are subject to a rigorous system of inspection to guarantee the required quality.

A British education gives a child an education for life; a deep foundation of basic skills such as languages, mathematics, technology, sciences, logic, creative thinking, problem solving, personal ethics and values, independent investigation and health. The child is not a passive recipient of knowledge but an active participant in acquiring new skills and knowledge through personal involvement in their own education.

British teachers are trained to personalise their teaching so that no child is working at a level that is too hard or too easy for them. This allows children to blossom at their own pace and grow in confidence in their own ability. It is very important to British schools that children are motivated through positive reinforcement as a child with self-esteem and skilled guidance will always achieve success in life. With a good variety of courses to choose from pre-university students rarely find themselves studying subjects in which they have no interest.

The A Level qualification is accepted by universities all over the world; they remain very much the ‘gold standard’ thanks in part to the specialisation that is the cornerstone of the British educational system. Though continued study in English, children who are not native speakers become genuinely bilingual with a depth of knowledge of the English language. With its worldwide prestige, a British education opens doors for children and puts them on the road to success in life.