The Secondary department at Mallorca International School is a fast developing and innovative phase that has the primary goal of creating able and forward thinking 'People for the Future' who will make a meaningful difference to the world. The school strives for the highest possible academic standards and maintains a philosophy that this is best achieved by providing varied, creative and stimulating learning experiences as well as developing each student’s personal skills; invaluable to face the challenges of tackling qualifications as well as of life in general. High quality lessons are delivered by carefully chosen subject specialists who have a passion for their chosen discipline as well as refined interpersonal skills enabling them to strike a rapport with students of this particular age.

Key Stage 3 (11-14 years)
Students aged 11-14 years enjoy a very open and creative learning experience based on the British National Curriculum. Subject specialist teachers work as a team to create an ‘interdisciplinary’ learning experience with one particular enquiry question linking learning across all subject areas. The school’s methodology emerges from significant research evidence, such as successful projects in Finland and Singapore, that shows that the human brain does not work well on isolated task.

Units commence with a ‘Big Idea’ and an inspiring entry point in order to ‘wet the appetite’ and nurture a desire to embark on the learning journey. During the unit students develop their skills adopting an ‘enquiry based learning’ approach engaging in independent or collaborative research, solving problems and experimenting to find solutions. Units finish with a ‘learning harvest’ during which students sum up what they have learned and evaluate their learning experience in a creative way such as a presentation, a short film, a podcast, a magazine article or even a drama performance.

All the while a strong focus is made on developing key skills such as reading and writing which are tracked carefully in order to ensure that each student is completely prepared with the correct level of enter Key Stage 4.

Year 9 is used as ‘Transitional Year’ during which similar principles to the rest of Key Stage 3 are applied, however, style of teaching and learning is adapted to prepare the students for the next phase of the school; Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4 (14-16 years)
Scheduled to launch in September 2020, Key Stage 4 is the point that students embark on the GCSE examination programmes with obligatory options of English Language, Mathematics, Coordinated Sciences and Spanish as well as a wide range of optional subjects including possibilities such as Geography, History, Drama, Psychology, Physical Education, German, Art & Design, Music, Global Citizenship and extension to single sciences.

GCSEs are intense two-year programmes of study with a great amount of content to learn and assessed externally by the Edexcel Examination Board. During these years high levels of personal skills are required to be successful including ability to self-manage, collaborate, think critically, enquire independently and maintain desire. It is here that the solid base of personal skills, developed on a daily basis throughout the Primary School and lower Secondary School, really pays dividends and ensures that MySchool students stand out from the crowd.